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Specialty Cakes Perfect For Any Occasion

Looking for oh-so-good desserts to complete the countless Christmas dinners? Café 1771 surely has something for you!

This beloved restaurant nestled in El Pueblo offers an array of delectable cakes that will surely liven up any occasion. These have become favorites of diners who want a slice after a meal, or a whole cake to bring home to the family. Thoughtfully created, these are also sought after and eye-catchy centerpieces in a dessert spread.

The Japanese Cheesecake is soft as a pillow! The fluffy baked cheesecake is great for people who prefer something not too sweet. While the  light and airy, the Coffee Pie Cake with buttercream, crunch and cream cheese topping is something to perk up the mood. Flavourful yet light, the Salted Caramel Cake is a definite favorite. It has a yummy caramel mousse filling with real caramel glaze. For the chocolate lovers, their famous Chocolate Fudge Cake will be your new favourite.

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