Sour Cream Pancakes

Plain  320
With crispy bacon  450
With caramelized banana & candied walnuts  400

French Toast

Brioche bread French toast with strips of crispy bacon


Croque Monsieur  400
Baked layers of ham, gruyere cheese, whipped with creamy bechamel sauce over a slice of brioche bread
Croque Madame  420
A Croque Mosieur, topped with sunny side up egg


Cafe 1771 Eggs Benedict

Using English muffin, poached eggs and sumptuous hollandaise sauce
Spinach  200 / pc
Smoked Salmon  250 / pc
Sautéed Mushrooms  230 / pc

Egg Omelette

French omelette made from 3 eggs with creamed spinach and roasted tomato
Plain  350
Sautéed Mushrooms  400
Gruyere Cheese  450
Smoked Salmon  450


Hole in One Corned Beef  420
Corned beef hash and fried egg served with a choice of
sugar-free whole wheat pan de sal or plain rice
Juevos Rancheros  420
A classic Mexican breakfast dish: baked eggs topped with tomato concasse, bell peppers, ricotta & chicken strips. Served with a choice of sugar-free whole wheat pan de sal or plain rice


Served with brewed coffee, hot tea or hot chocolate, tomato and onion scrambled egg, garlic rice
(For garlic brown rice, add 40)
Spicy Tuyo Flakes 350
Pritong Paksiw Bangus Belly 400
Tinapang Bangus 430
Boneless Daing na Bangus 430
Adobo Flakes 400
Beef Tapa  380
Corned Beef  430
Longganisa na Sabog  380
Bangus Sardine Style  430
Adobo Flakes Fried Rice  330
Garlic fried rice mixed with chicken and pork adobo, spring onions, topped with egg
Kesong Puti Fried in Butter  290
With pan de sal and native hot chocolate
 Melted Kesong Puti  290
On pan de sal with guava jelly; with native hot chocolate


Fruit Parfait  380
Mixed fruits with muesli and honey yogurt
Bircher Muesli  400
A high-fiber Swiss breakfast made of granola mix, nuts and raisins mixed with yogurt and topped with fresh fruits
Spinach and Egg White Fritata  320
A healthy alternative for those on the look-out: spinach with little roasted tomatoes
Fresh Fruit Platter * with yogurt add 65 S| 180
L| 210
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